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Luisa Ayala
performance + storytelling
Milos Island, Greece 
June, 2022
A project written by Luisa Ayala  
Presented at:  
'From The Sea' International Dance & Theatre Festival of Milos

Director & Concept of Choreography:

Filio Louvari Choreographer, Performer, Teacher of Dance and Theater

History, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Contemporary Dancing | University Paris 8.

Professional Dancer and Performer Perfection | “Isola Danza Academy” of the Venice Biennale.

Actress | Acting School "Akis Davis” in Athens.


  • Luisa Ayala as "Luisa, the Architect" | Telling a True Life Story through Monologue & Dance.
  • Filio Louvari as "Aphrodite/Venus, Goddess of Love & Beauty" | Mythology, Poetry & Dance.
  • Giorgos Geronimakis as "Plato, the Philosopher"Philosophy Monologue, Singing & Dance.

Photos courtesy of: International Dance & Theater Center of Milos. Greece
Photo  C r e d i t s : Apostolos Zacharakis | Studio Silent Blue


COLLABORATORS   [Story concept & research]

Psychology and Philosophy consultant:

Daniel Prado Martinez Psychologist

Psychology degree | University of Salamanca, Spain.

Conceptual Writing:

Daniela Diaz Larralde Researcher in Art, Language, Poetry and Technology

Master of Literature | Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela.

Visual Art consultant:

Ricardo Benaim Visual Artist, Professor of Visual Arts

BA in Graphic Design | Newmann Institute of Graphic Design, Caracas, Venezuela.

Etching Art Techniques, Atelier 63, Paris France.

Art Professor at Pratt Graphic Centre, New York, USA.  

Music and sound consultant:

Diana Montoya Musician

Percussion, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris.

Production consultant:

Danelene O’Flynn Actor and Documentary Producer

Film Studies & Production | George Brown College, Toronto Canada.

Drama Examinations, Honours. Trinity College London | Fiona Perry Australia.


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Photos taken at the site by Luisa Ayala